Recruitment has always been a difficult process, and the future looks to be no different. The rise of digital technologies and the sharing economy has made it difficult for companies to find skilled workers. Many are looking to scale up their workforce and cultivate new skills. Technology companies have had to adapt to ensure that they hire the right skills, but do they have the best method to approach hiring and retaining their workers? Here, we take a look at the current industry; looking at trends in the technology industry, recruitment of nearshore IT workers, and the future of IT recruitment.

Current Issues

As far as the current industry, one of the most important questions of the last decade for most tech companies has been how to find skilled employees to keep their business running. With the growth of nearshore outsourcing, a new job market is being created. Yet there has not been enough growth in the labor market to supply the demand for a quick response. With the recent mass layoffs, many companies are reevaluating the structure of their teams to ensure that the right employees are in the right place.

With an influx of recently laid-off IT workers, we face a new struggle. Do companies continue to hire nearshore workers or hire within the US labor force? Although many in the tech world have had to utilize more nearshore workers to replace their once-leading expertise. Many also want to hire within the country to ensure high value assets.

AI Tech

Along with the layoffs, there’s also the increase of AI replacing many of the jobs that once required human intervention. The question now is how far will this technology go in eliminating jobs?

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