How good are you at creating healthy routines for remote work? It might be great to not have to commute into the city and work from the comfort of your home. However, don’t overlook the fact that working from home now combines work and personal life into one place. Being able to seperate the two is going to be essential for a healthy lifestyle. Here we have some tips to help create that separation and make working from home a fun option.

The first thing that almost everyone overlooks when working from home is creating a work schedule. Just because some companies don’t have a set schedule doesn’t mean you shouldn’t organize your day. Create that work routine so your office hours don’t bleed into the night. This will help you keep structure in your life. Start working at 9am and work until 5pm. Keep a lunch break in your schedule because you can’t forget to eat! Also, get ready in the morning like if you were going to head to the office. Now, we aren’t saying to wear a suit, but a clean t-shirt with some comfortable pants play into the mental game that you are working. Within your workday make sure to take breaks. A healthy routine for remote work allows you to step away from the computer and walk around.

Another thing to consider when creating healthy routines for remote work is to work in a well lit area. You want there to be lots of natural lighting in your home office space. Also, please please stay away from your bed. Consider a different room where you can create that mental separation of the being in the bedroom and being at work. Ideally a home office does this trick but if not, maybe set up at the dining table or living room. And lastly turn on your camera when having a meeting. Mentally this makes you have to organize yourself to look somewhat presentable and it kind of feels like you are interacting with others.

Let us know how you maintain healthy routines for remote work. What do you do differently? Let’s build a community and help one another to separate work life from personal life. Follow our social media and click here for more info about Talentus.