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Chris is a highly successful IT executive, entrepreneur and business man who has served as a C-level executive for Fortune 1000 companies. He founded Talentus with the best processes, methodologies, and lessons learned from over 35 years of experience working with top-tier companies and outsourcing large parts of businesses.

His primary focus is not only to enable the sustainable growth of the company, but also to ensure that his clients and organizations have the best talent available, so we can collectively deliver on their business objectives and goals.

He is also passionate about transforming business and is an avid and frequent speaker and moderator on topics such as, digital readiness and leadership.

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Alexandra is a professional with highly communicative and strong interpersonal skills, who helped launch Talentus at an early stage. Her working ethics and dedication to help organize the operations have been instrumental to the success of Talentus.

She also brings a wealth of experience from the hospitality, education as well as marketing & social media experience.

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Tim is a distinguished legal professional specializing in data privacy, technology, and social media. With extensive experience representing software companies, social media influencers, and content creators, Timothy adeptly navigates the complex legal landscape of cybersecurity and data privacy, addressing FTC, FERPA, and HIPAA issues.  

Timothy’s multifaceted background includes pivotal roles at Nova Southeastern University, where he earned his law degree, graduating summa cum laude and Valedictorian. With a unique blend of legal expertise, technological acumen, and academic accomplishments, Timothy Shields is a key player driving success at Talentus. 

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Arena is responsible for the financial statements and taxes of the company. She optimizes processes and enhances efficiency through managing financial reporting and ensuring compliance.  

In the dynamic tech sector, Arena’s role extends to strategic financial planning and aligning financial goals with our overall objectives. Her expertise contributes to informed decision-making, sustaining growth, and maximizing profitability. 

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Marcos is an adept Billing and Invoicing professional who manages all facets of billing and accounting of our operations. He is responsible for the accurate and timely processing of invoices, ensuring compliance with industry standards and company policies.  

His commitment to financial integrity and strategic financial management solidifies Talentus’ position as a financially sound and transparent leader in the dynamic technology industry. Marcos’s proficiency ensures seamless financial operations, contributing to Talentus’ continued success and growth. 

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Natalia, is a seasoned recruitment specialist  boasts over 6 years of recruitment experience across diverse industries. Focused on the US market in recent years, she excels in the technology sector, identifying top-tier talent from Latin America for senior-level positions.  

She is adept at the full recruitment cycle, showcasing expertise in developing sourcing strategies and successfully closing positions to meet clients’ needs. Her unique blend of psychological insight and recruitment skills makes her invaluable at Talentus, contributing significantly to the organization’s success in acquiring top talent. 

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Guilherme is a skilled IT Recruiter who excels in recruitment and selection and showcases precision and adaptability in identifying top talents across diverse industry segments.  

Currently dedicated to enhancing candidate experiences and optimizing recruitment processes, Guilherme’s proficiency in candidate evaluation and talent pipeline management demonstrates his commitment to delivering high-quality results. As an integral part of the Talentus team, Guil brings a strategic and people-centric approach to IT sourcing, ensuring the acquisition of top talent in the dynamic technology landscape. 

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Valentina is an experienced HR professional who brings over five years across several industries such as BPO, Finance, and Retail. As Operations Manager at Talentus, she ensures peak performance among consultants, fostering value addition to clients’ teams through successful project completion.  

Her responsibilities extend to overseeing general operations in countries hosting our delivery centers, ensuring consistent and exceptional service delivery. Her comprehensive approach involves optimizing processes, enhancing efficiency, and implementing best practices, elevating Talentus’ effectiveness in the dynamic technology industry.  

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Fiorella ensures the quality of recruited talent but also enhances client satisfaction by delivering candidates with the precise technical and soft skills required for success in the IT landscape. Fiorella’s dedication to maintaining the highest standards in technical evaluations positions Talentus as a trusted partner in our industry. 

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With his background in computer science and computer applications, Edgar plays a vital role in delivering top-tier IT professionals to clients, contributing to the company’s reputation for excellence in the technology arena. Edgar’s responsibilities include designing and implementing rigorous technical assessments and providing insightful evaluations to facilitate optimal candidate-client matches.




Andrea is an accomplished Marketing Strategist bringing 7 years of invaluable experience to our team. As a dynamic digital marketer, Andrea is adept at developing and implementing highly effective online marketing strategies that propel brand awareness, generate leads, and drive substantial revenue growth.  

Her strategic prowess extends across various industries, showcasing her versatility and adaptability. At Talentus, her commitment to staying ahead of industry trends and her keen analytical skills make her an invaluable asset in shaping and executing impactful marketing campaigns within the ever-evolving technology landscape. 

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With a background in the technology industry spanning, Lucia excels in transforming complex technical information into clear and accessible documentation. Her role involves collaborating closely with subject matter experts to gather insights and convert them into user-friendly manuals, guides, and documentation.  

Her adeptness in bridging the gap between technical intricacies and user comprehension plays a crucial role in enhancing service understanding and usability. Lucia’s commitment to crafting articulate, comprehensive documentation establishes Talentus as a leader in providing clients and users with the knowledge essential for navigating and optimizing their solutions. 

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Bryan, an accomplished professional with over 10 years of experience in IT Support, at Talentus, combines technical expertise with a strong commitment to client satisfaction. With a solid background in troubleshooting and problem resolution, Bryan plays a crucial role in ensuring seamless IT operations for the organization.  

In the fast-paced technology industry, His role extends to collaborating with cross-functional teams to implement IT projects and upgrades. As an integral part of Talentus, Bryan’s dedication to IT support enhances overall operational efficiency, contributing to the success of the organization. 

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Juan is a professional Web Designer with extensive experience managing projects based on user experience. With an approach that encompasses mainly the use of agile methodologies and focuses on the user, he is responsible for the usability, accessibility, and design of projects, ensuring compliance with industry standards.

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