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Chris Harrison

Chris is a highly successful IT executive, entrepreneur and business man who has served as a C-level executive for Fortune 1000 companies. He founded Talentus with the best processes, methodologies, and lessons learned from over 35 years of experience working with top-tier companies and outsourcing large parts of businesses.

His primary focus is not only to enable the sustainable growth of the company, but also to ensure that his clients have the best talent available, experience superb results with us, and deliver on their business objectives and goals.

He is also passionate about transforming business and is an avid and frequent speaker and moderator on topics such as, digital readiness and leadership.

Alexandra Harrison

Alexandra is a professional with highly communicative and strong interpersonal skills, who helped launch Talentus at an early stage. Her working ethics and dedication to help organize the operations have been instrumental to the success of Talentus.

She also brings a wealth of experience from the hospitality, education as well as marketing & social media experience.

Rafael Salardi​

Rafa is a seasoned executive who brings over 25 years of experience as a Human Capital leader, who has successfully driven human resources and operational strategies for global organizations across Latin America. He is passionate about all aspects of Human Capital and believes strongly in talent development and transforming organizations through professional development. 

Tim Shields

Tim is a distinguished legal professional specializing in data privacy, technology, and social media. With extensive experience representing software companies, social media influencers, and content creators, Timothy adeptly navigates the complex legal landscape of cybersecurity and data privacy, addressing FTC, FERPA, and HIPAA issues.  

Timothy’s multifaceted background includes pivotal roles at Nova Southeastern University, where he earned his law degree, graduating summa cum laude and Valedictorian. With a unique blend of legal expertise, technological acumen, and academic accomplishments, Timothy Shields is a key player driving success at Talentus. 

Arena Prado-Acosta

Arena is responsible for the financial statements and taxes of the company. She optimizes processes and enhances efficiency through managing financial reporting and ensuring compliance.  

In the dynamic tech sector, Arena’s role extends to strategic financial planning and aligning financial goals with our overall objectives. Her expertise contributes to informed decision-making, sustaining growth, and maximizing profitability. 

Chris Harrison

Chris es un ejecutivo de TI, emprendedor y empresario muy exitoso, que ha trabajado como ejecutivo de nivel C para empresas de Fortune 1000. Fundó Talentus con las mejores metodologías, lecciones y procesos aprendidos en los más de 35 años de experiencia trabajando con empresas de primer nivel y llevando a cabo el outsourcing de gran parte del personal de las empresas. 

Su enfoque principal no es solo permitir el crecimiento sostenible de la empresa, sino también asegurar que sus clientes tengan a los profesionales más talentosos a su disposición, experimenten resultados excepcionales con nosotros y cumplan los objetivos y metas de su empresa. También le apasiona la transformación empresarial y participa frecuentemente como orador y moderador en temas como transformación digital y liderazgo.