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Why Smart Sourcing?

With our copyrighted model of Smart Sourcing, we are able to streamline the process of getting you both technical and functional resources, very quickly and effective. 

All of our Talentus professionals undergo a rigorous process of careful recruitment, selection, technical interviews, technical and functional assessment as well as background and drug testing – as required by the clients. 

Benefits of Smart Sourcing

Access the top 5% of talent

We’ve already done the rigorous testing for technical, logical, and soft-skill abilities so you don’t have to.

Streamline communications

Our developers align with your work hours, provide and listen to feedback, and have exceptional communication skills.

Skip recruitment delays

Hiring the right talent is time-consuming. We assemble the right team of experts and onboard them in record time.

Create healthy teams

We grill developers on their soft and behavioral skills to ensure seamless integration and positive culture-fit alignment.

Our process in 3 easy steps.

Complete an initial discovery call.

Share with us your business needs, goals and objectives, including your requirements, time-lines, expectations and budget.

Get the engineers and talent you need.

Not in weeks, but in days, you will have access to our top 5% talent with great experience and amazing soft-skills.

On-boarding and scaling.

We take care of all the on-boarding, so the engineers can start working on your projects and working collectively with your organization immediately. 

FAQ's about Smart Sourcing vs. Outsourcing

Smart Sourcing can be more cost-effective than hiring and retaining in-house employees. You can eliminate costs associated with recruitment, employee benefits, health insurance, training, 401K, office supplies, retentions and others. It is also more scalable, as you can easily increase or decrease your headcount up or down based on workload demands.

A Smart Sourcing approach also enables you to hire engineers in countries with lower costs of living which is often more cost-effective than hiring locally or in cities with a high cost of living such as the US and Canada. 

Both models can be of value and have their advantages and disadvantages, depending on your needs. In a Smart Sourcing model, you are responsible for managing any third-party staff. With a software outsourcing model, you are more hands-off as you assign day-to-day management and admin tasks to Talentus. 

Smart Sourcing is better when you want to boost your existing teams while still staying involved at a management level. Outsourcing is better when you want to remove yourself and fully delegate your projects to an external team such as Telentus.


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