Welcome to our referral program

This program will allow you to refer candidates that match one of our open positions and be rewarded for connecting us with the best talent.

5-Step Program


The candidate must apply for one of the active positions available on our web page "Careers" at the time you send it. This includes meeting the language requirements.


Your referral must complete successfully 30 days of employment with us, for the bonus to be payable.


All information must be completed, for both you and the referred candidate.


If the referred candidate is already in our system, he/she will not apply nor be eligible for our program, for which you will be notified within 5 business days.


For each eligible and accepted referred candidate, you will receive $500 USD.

Before you submit your referral application, please see below the step-by-step process: 

Join our Referral Program and earn $500 USD.



You need to fill out the form here.

You need to include all the required information about your referral and your personal information. Without both, your referral will not be valid. 

Your bonus will be paid 45 days after your referral first day of employment. Your referral must reach a minimum of 30 continuous days of employment. 

In the section “please enter your personal information”, fill in your information, so we effectively contact you as part of this process.

There’s no limit, you can refer as many people as you want. 

Yes, we will let them know as soon as we start the recruitment process. 

Yes. The program details for non-Talentus employees are the listed in this website. For Talentus’ employees we have a different program. Please visit our intranet at My Portal

You can contact us via email , and we will be more than happy to help you. 



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