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At Talentus, we've got you covered with engineers and technical expertise that provides you with quality, experience, are fully bi-lingual and with great soft skills to help you deliver on all of your initiatives. ​

Technical expertise at your disposal

We’ve got years of experience in delivering a diverse and quality-driven set of engineers and professionals that cover a large spectrum of technologies, platforms, ERP’s, CRM’s and EMR/EHR.

 Please take a look at the various technology stacks our engineers have expertise in.

Cloud Computing

These are some of the cloud providers, tools, frameworks and others that our Talentus engineers have experience with. 

Data Science

Our Talentus Data Scientist have had experience with large amounts of data, tools, frameworks and complex models, using some of the tools listed here.


The evolution of data storage has evolved from relational databases, to non-relational databases and other technologies that allows Talentus engineers to handle massive volumes of machine generated data and others, using database providers, tools and technology listed here.


As the world continues to evolve and companies need to deliver business solutions quickly, so does technology, and it does today in a continuous and agile way, using approaches such as continuous integration and continues delivery. All of this is possible by leveraging some of the tools listed here which are part of the Talentus engineers. 


As companies and business continue to implement software solutions, the need to quickly and efficiently integrate those disparate systems, becomes a priority. At Talentus, we understand the need to have an orchestrated integration between different solutions, and for this, there are multiple providers and options, capable of providing the level of integration required. 

QA & Automation

Quality Assurance and Quality Control for software has evolved tremendously over the last 20 years, having a plethora of solution providers capable of helping with both manual and automation testing; something we have deep expertise and success stories at Talentus.

Mobile Development

Having a mobile app today is no longer a desire, but a must. At Talentus, we understand the various frameworks and platforms that allow us to build world-class mobile applications that provide not only the requirements, but also a rich user experience to our customers.

Project Management

Every minor or major project, requires leadership and a project or program manager to drive it successfully. Our project and program managers have extensive global experience using various methodologies from waterfall to agile, and leveraging many different tools to help with the success of the project and collaboration with the various stakeholders. 

Web Development

Web Development is arguably the most demanded skill today across the world, and we at Talentus have deep expertise throughout our Engineers in the various programming languages, frameworks, libraries, CMS and others, to make your project a success. 



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