Partnership program

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Create Mutual Growth With Talentus

Becoming a partner with Talentus offers valuable advantages for your business. You will have access to cutting-edge technologies, dedicated technical support, commercial growth opportunities, a collaborative network of partners, reference opportunities, and a competitive advantage in the market. As a partner, you can not only enhance your offerings but also provide your clients with superior traffic counting solutions while strengthening your position in the market.

Become an Affiliate Partner and earn more than a commission

Find out more about our affiliate programme if you are looking for more than just a financial reward.


Join our channel of distribution partners

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Who Can Become a Partner?

We are actively seeking companies in industries that are similar to or complement the traffic counting industry. If your business operates in areas such as retail store management, security, data analytics, or other sectors that can benefit from our solutions, we would like to discuss partnership opportunities with you.

Join us in our mission to improve the operational efficiency of our clients while stimulating your own business growth.


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